Don’t blame it on the Union… yet

Pour la version Francaise, voir ici / See here the French version

On last week issue of Time Magazine, I read this verbatim:

We do not want this at all–it is meat makeup.

JAN BERTOFT, of the Swedish Consumer’s Association, on the European Union’s approval of the use of thrombin, a product that can glue pieces of meat together to make a single slab

First, I have to say that as a fine gastronome I totally agree with Mr Bertoft : I do not want this meat in my plate – Or just as a last resort as survival ration in case of a zombie invasion.

Anyway, to get a better idea, I looked precisely at what the EU has to say about thrombin. By smartly combining the words “thrombin” and “EU” in Google, I found this conclusion by the European Food Safety Authority (if you just discovered its existence, raise your hand with me). Basically, a scientific panel concluded that «the use of the enzyme preparation based on thrombin[…] is not of concern from the safety point of view ».

So, Thrombin is safe… You can eat it, this absolutely doesn’t mean that you should. Obviously and fortunately, the EU is not our Mom and it’s not its role to tell us what we have to eat or not. The citizen is still responsible of what he puts at the menu.

I’m ok with that, but I do believe that the European Union also has a role to play in Public Health, and that the day thrombined-meat arrives in our supermarkets it’ll be stamped with a reconstituted-from-meat-pieces-glued-together European sign (yet another European logo competition ?).

I also hope that some bien-mangez EU program will remind the citizen  that if they can’t afford a poule-au-pot every Sunday, they don’t have to eat repacked (litteraly) meat.


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