Okay Mr Farage, let’s do it !

I will add a small notes to all the ones already written about Nigel Farrage speech in the Parliament this week. I won’t get back on the insulting terms but rather on a few specific remarks the MEP made.

First, N. Farage asks to Herman Von Rompuy

Who voted for you ?

and added

You have no legitimacy in this job at all

True enough, Mr Von Rompuy hasn’t been elected, but chosen by the heads of the member states. You might think it’s not the good way to do it (like I do myself) but it’s everything but not legitimate : that is the way it is supposed to be done, as specified in the treaty of the European Union. So in my point of view, Herman von Rompuy is legitimate.

Also, I personally would like a bit more election in the process, with at least a confirmation vote in the European Parliament. But I am not sure the euro-skeptics would want that at all : an elected President represents the citizen directly and in consequence has much more influence and powers. Not exactly what Mr Farage would actually want.

In his speech, Mr Farage asks for a political Leader of Europe… Well, I want that too, but I’m surprised to hear that from a Euro-skeptic.

So, as I condemned the use of insulting words, it turns out that some ideas in Mr Farage speech are surprisingly quite appealing to me who is more of a euro enthusiast…

I dare you : Let’s do this Mr Farage ! As we say in French Chiche !


4 Comments on “Okay Mr Farage, let’s do it !”

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