Cheering for Europe

The 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver just ended. European athletes collected 108 medals ! (see here)

Cheering for European teams was a big thing for me : Here in the USA, NBC covered almost only events with US athletes and they regularly switched to a rerun of previous events of the day with American athletes, when the few American had their time in the live one (some times I really thought that only Americans and a few Canadians where actually competing).

So when the US was playing a European team, it was great for me. I particularly enjoyed the Swedish curling games,the  German downhill or Austria cross-coutrny (to give only a few examples).

Being outside of the European Union was a good opportunity for me to think European and rejoice of every EU victory.

Thanks to @masterkent on Twitter for a good discussion about that


3 Comments on “Cheering for Europe”

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