Feeling European

While watching the Olympic Games, I had to suffer a lot of commercial breaks (thanks NBC)… But fortunately, that got me to see this commercial by General Electric.

And it felt good… not because I like to see doctors examining patients, but because first the musicality of Beethoven’s Ode to Joy is quite well rendered, and then, because step by step, note after note, it slowly appears to me: first I just realized I knew the theme, and then I recognized an anthem I wouldn’t hear for any Olympic Podium…

I ended up happily whistling for the rest of the day the music which is only a commercial melody for most of the American people, but is, to me, one of the most loved way to feel European and connected to all the European Union.


2 Comments on “Feeling European”

  1. […] Les jeux olympiques de Vancouver qui se sont terminés la semaine dernière donne les Européens largement en tête dans le décompte non officielle des médailles avec 108 médailles pour les pays de l’UE dont 31 en or. [*,*] Voyez aussi mon point de vue ici, et un byproduct ici. […]

  2. […] The Vancouver Olympic Games which finished last week gave the European way ahead in an unofficial count with 108 medals, 31 of which gold. [*,*] See a point of view, and a byproduct here. […]

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