The EU in your hand

I am not keeping a secret about my lack of solid expertise in a lot of domains. In particular, nothing would normally lead me to the European Union : my job has no connections with the EU institutions, my education never focused on the political, legal or economical issues related to the Union.

Nevertheless, Europe is appealing to me… Because it’s a significant part of our lives, and because it’s a great project, …

So I try to educate myself to European Union. It’s more than a little hobby, but not as hard as one would expect. It involves reading books, newspaper, websites, and closely following the European News. It’s not a one time lesson, but a continuous process. There are a lot of information to discover and remember. So as every other students, I did the natural thing to help me learn : I made flash cards !

My objective is to get a little pense bête that could easily be read on a small device (to be precise and personal, an iPhone).

Those flashcards would contains some basic information and references so that I can find quickly an element, making the connection and interpretation about those information being of the responsibility of my brain.

So, here are the first flashcards I made… Nothing fancy, nothing really new. The information are mostly copied from widely available web sources as Wikipedia.

Let me know is you have suggestion or remarks to continue, complete and improve the flash cards…


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