A piece of Europe

To my great delight, March is the time when a European Union Film Festival is held in Chicago. Almost 60 movies for 27 countries.

It’s a very good feeling to enter the cinema and see all the 27 European Flags (not in official order, but who cares): I feel more at home there than in the French Consulate.

It’s wonderful to be surrounded by European people, speaking Finnish or Lithuanian, or any other languages… For many of them, they have been living in the US for a while (sometime since before their country of origin joined the Union), but they are here to connect with their European-self and are following the movies in their mother languages and not the subtitles.

It feels great to connect via movies to the cultures from all over Europe. Mostly because the movies showed are not generally distributed in other countries and that’s a shame… So thumb up for European Films and European Culture !


2 Comments on “A piece of Europe”

  1. Andrew says:

    When you write “…see all the 27 European Flags” it annoys me a little that you forget that it’s really just the 27 EU member flags.

    My country doesn’t want any part of the EU, but I’ll be damned if the EU talks on behalf of all of Europe!

    • Greg Henning says:

      You’re right on the 27 flags, I’ve been indeed using a shortcut, there is 27 member state flags and one European one… All of them being a way to feel connected to the Union.

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