Week of March 20

Version Francaise / French version

HEre is a summary of the European news during the week :

The Union High Representative, Lady Ashton was on a tour in Middle East, particularly in Israel, in the Palestinian Territories and in Ciro. She tried to get Europe back in the peace process. She criticized the Israeli plan to build new houses in East Jerusalem.[*,*] Meanwhile the European diplomatic service  is still having a hard time getting ready [*,*].

This week, the fifth Free Belarus operation was organized by the Young Europeans to condemned the dictatorship of Aleksandr Lukashenko. [*,*]

Following the withdraw of EADS of the contract proposal for the US army last week, it is still possible that the European Company gets back in the competition, if further study of the contract shows it to be fair enough. [*,*,*]

On the economic agenda, Greece continues its intern and fiscal reforms to reduce its deficit [*,*,*]. A European rescue plan is said to be ready but the details are still unknown as several member states are less than enthusiast to put it in action [*,*,*,*]. Greece warns that it will go the the IMF for help if necessary, a solution which some member states would prefer if that allow them not to put their money on the table. [*,*,*]

About the reforms, the idea of a European Monetary Fond is on stand by [*], while Germany is in favour of a possibility to exclude a member of the euro-zone [*,*,*]. A project to regulate hedges funds has been delayed, in connection with the British elections (more than three quarters of the European based hedge funds are in Great Britain) [*,*].

Germany has been criticized by France, in regard to its economic policy turned to exportation [*,*].

In the rest of European news, the Union didn’t managed to get the approval for a ban of bluefin tuna  [*], Presidents of the Council and Commission are going to split the domains of competence of the Union between them [*],and the European Parliament wish to improve the information of calories count and nutrition on food packages [*,*]


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