The European / IMF rescue plan for Greece: Historic

The US and Russia agreement to reduce nuclear weapons : Historic

Health Care Reform : Historic

The Socialist victory in French regional elections: everybody with me Historic

Every single news is historic nowadays… And even if we come to a non-historic news, the rarity of the event will make it historic.

The consequence of this overuse of the Historic qualifier is that we are losing the hierarchy of importance : how can we sort out what is important or not if everything is presented at the same level ?

Of course a leader cannot describe a decision by saying “Ok it’s been a roughy negotiation but in the end it’s not this important”… But the using too much the h-word is stripping it of its significations.

I’ll end by praising Biden’s description of health care reform: that’s a big f*cking deal. Now that’s might not be as politically correct as historic, but it’s much more catchy !


One Comment on “His-to-ric”

  1. […] for independent blog posts about the EU summit and I literally couldn’t find anything. EU Weekly mentioned it briefly, but he considers it old news. As for me? I was busy writing about wombat porn […]

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