Week of March 27

Version en Francais / French Version

Here is the summary of the European news this week.

For once, I will start with with the economic crisis and the Greece financial difficulties : obviously,the Greek economic situation didn’t magically improved in a week  [*], The European Commission call for a European solution [*,*] while Greek has called for solidarity among the country of the eurozone [*]. The main resistance to a rescue plan came from Germany : Angela Merkel is more in favor of a International Monetary Fund[*,*,*]. At the end of the week, during the Council meeting in Brussels, the heads of States and Government finally agreed on a French-German deal combining bilateral loans and IMF support [*,*,*,*].

The Economic situation in Europe is not bright: the Portuguese debt note has been downgraded this week [*,*] and the euro is at its lowest rate in ten months [*].

Europe is thinking about reforms to implement in the future to avoid such crisis again[*].

The European diplomatic Service (External Action Service) is getting together in turmoil : different point of view of member states have trouble to be matched [*,*]. However, Lady Ashton  is coming back slowly and put herself forward as head of the service [*,*]. The MEPs wish to keep an eye on the activities and budget of the EAS [*,*].

The European Parliament was seating in a mini-plenary session in Brussels this week. MEPs debated about the modalities of the citizen initiative introduced by the Lisbon Treaty, about economic governance in the eurozone and about the Union budget for 2011. [*,*] A tentative to reinstate the cuncumber directive failed [*].

This week, the European Commission proposed a new legislation to clarify divorce procedures for international couples in the Union[*]. The commission has also adopted a new mandate to negotiate on the SWIFT agreement for the exchange of bank information with the US to the purpose of  fight against terrorism [*,*].

Finally, the European council met at the end of the week. The work was focused on negotiating the rescue plan for Greece ; the head of States and Government also discussed the Europe 2020 strategy and how to follow after the Copenhagen summit and the climate issues.[*].


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