Time for an E-Span channel ?

Yes, Europe gots its Television service: there is EbS, and also EuroparlTV. Both can be categorized as for a large public audience since they are available free of charge on the Internet…

However, we still don’t have any equivalent of C-SPAN (in the US) or LCP-Public Senat in France… a real TV channel dedicated to the full coverage of what’s happening in European institutions ; and one that everybody is at least aware of its existence. A channel that would be available on Satellite broadcast or in the internet-boxes.

In my point of view, the flaw in EbS and EuroparlTV, is that its coverage is never (or hardly ever) re-used in the mainstream media, as it is the case for the C-SPAN pictures in the US.

Of course, when I think about it, the reason why things are the way they are is clear : No European TV channel, because almost nobody would watch it… The question remaining is : would creating such a channel improve the coverage of European affairs and increase the public interest in the institutions ; or do we have to wait for a greater interest from the public to setup this channel…

At the end of this post, I’d like to point to Julien Frisch’s interview for Cafe Babel where he talk about this issue.


One Comment on “Time for an E-Span channel ?”

  1. I think it is a pity that the streams provided by EBS are not taken up and broadcasted nationally. One could have shown, for example, the hearings of the EU Commissioners live on TV to make sure that this is not just an exercise between MEPs and the designated Commissioners.

    It will be quite hard to create a European Politics Channel not just for legal and financial reasons but also for practical ones: How to organise the editorial and linguistic coverage around the European Parliament, Commission and Council meetings, how to make such a programme attractive for national audiences without creating 27 sub-channels?

    In my point of view, national and online media just have to start using existing content, introducing new concepts that attract pan-European or Europe-interested national audiences – or that can even create new interest on the national and local level.

    It will for example be very interesting to see what the re-launch of EUX.TV will bring about, one of the few online sources that has been working both with EBS and self-made content (see their Youtube Channel).

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