Week of April 3rd, 2010

French version / Version en Français

Here is a summary of the European News this week.

Let’s start with the economic situation, which was much less unstable this week. The Euro / dollar exchange rate was stable and even slightly rising [*]. Concerning Greece, it emitted obligations this week for a sum of 7 billion euros.[*,*], this refinancing went more or less well depending on who’s commenting: a success for some [*,*], a worrying lack of enthusiasm for others [*,*]. Anyway, it seems that the situation has lost its urgency and will get clearer on the long run [*,*].

In the rest of the Eurozone, the situation is still worrying: the unemployment rate rose up to 10% [*] and the French debt grade stays unchanged but Paris is warned against budgetary drift [*]. The General Director of the International Monetary Fund, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, call the 27 to discipline [*].

In Brussels, The European Commission details the modalities of the citizen initiative, new disposition brought by the Lisbon Treaty. A citizen initiative, if considered valid by the commission and if it receives a million signatures in at least 9 countries, will require the commission to investigate a legislative point. [*,*]

In the rest of the news this week: we can note the nomination of Lady Ashton for the Time Magazine 100  most influential people [*], and  the upcoming publication of the Haikus written by Herman Von Rompuy (president of the European council) , originality in Dutch, translated in English, French, German and Latin. [*].

Finally, I can not finish this post without advising you to visit Brussels Jungle, a web–journal seriously funny on the Brussels Bubble.


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