Week of April 10th, 2010

Version en Français / French Version

Here is a summary of the European news this week.

Let’s start with economy: While Greece shows a cut in its deficit by 40% in respect to last year[*], and IMF agents are working on site to assist the Greek government [*], rumors fueled doubt and by the end of the week the interest rate for Greek Debt dramatically increased [*,*] and the Fitch agency downgraded the Greek Debt again [*]. It is now clear that Europe will need to act clearly and quickly to stabilize the economic situation in the Eurozone [*,*].

The European Commission suggested this week to implement a tax on risk-taking for the banks ; such a tax could raise up to 50 billions Euros a year [*,*].

On the international scene the MEPs went back on the SWIFT agreement (data sharing agreement with the US to fight terrorism). Following the rejection in February of a draft agreement, the Commission put forward a new version, which is still not satisfying the European Parliament. MEPs wants a sorting of the data before they are transferred outside the Union. [*,*,*]

The procedure to get a Schengen Visa has been updated this week, for short stays ; those new rules aim to make the procedure easier and reduce the waiting time. [*,*,*]

The disagreement between Macedonia and Greece, about the name of «Republic of Macedonia» used by the Balkan State, while Greece claims Macedonia is the name of one of its region, may get resolved, as some signs let think.[*,*,*]

The European Parliament met this weel in plenary session. MEPs listen to Herman Von Rompuy, who presented the results of the last summit of the European Council [*]. Some measures has been taken to increase the number of MEPs up to 751 as specify in the the Lisbon Treaty, without waiting for the end of the current legislature [*,*].

I advise you to read this interview of Herman Von Rompuy for the French newspaper Le Monde.

Finally, the week ended with a tragedy : the plane of Polish President Lech Kaczynski crashed in Russia while flying to Katyn. Several officials were traveling along and it all the polish state that lost its head. [*,*] European head of State and officials expressed their condolence  [*]

Note to the readers : My actual job is keeping me very busy for the next two weeks, the weekly update might not be available during that time.


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