Change is coming to America…

This post is not related to the EU at all, it is based on my observation of the current state of American politics – maybe read by the eye of a european used to mutli-party systems  – which could have significant consequence in the future in all international matters.

It is slow, it is subtle, but it might be the greatest revolution in American politics in years !

As American politics has never been so polarized and divided, it seems that the public debate is balancing itself by the emergence of new voices. This is particularly visible among republicans, fiercely campaigning to win over congress next fall, the GOP has been under the influence of the Tea Parties which push for an always more conservative agenda. Moderate Republicans has been put aside of their own party… In Florida, Governor Crist has decided to withdraw from the Republican primary race and launch a bid to compete as an independent.

On the Democrats side, pro-life senators like B. Stupak had their voice heard during the  health-care debate ; some senators are also willing to impose a better control on the deficit.

These are some of the example of the issues were frontier between Republican and Democrat become blurry: gun control, pro-life or pro-choice, don’t ask, don’t tell, deficit, …

Those point of debate are not new, what is new is how much the parties are reaching too their extreme to secure more votes : we mentioned the Tea Parties on the left, on the right, B Obama has been elected with the votes of hopeful progressives.

Ok, we won’t see a new party in the next two or six years… But if things continue the way are going, we may see more and more moderates running as independent and even winning as independent. This would weaken the bi-partisan logic of congress. A consequence of that would be that fillibusters would become less systematic but also more meaningful.


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