Thrombin, slice 2

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A few months ago, I wrote about the decision of the European Commission to authorize the use of thrombin to produce repacked meat and arguing that the EU is not our Mom I concluded that the decision was valid, with some reserves however on how to put those products on the market.

Now, The European Parliament just voted against thrombin[1,2]. So, who is right ?

Well, for once, everybody is right… The Commission was in its role when deciding that thrombin was OK, since it did so based only on the conclusions of the European Food Safety Authority regarding health risks – which as it appears are not present, according to EFSA .

And the Parliament is right, since one of its concern is precisely what I mentioned earlier : sufficient information has to be given to the consumer ; and also that authorizing such meat is not compatible with the objectives of helping cattle farmers to produce better quality meat.

As representative of the citizen, the MEPs were paying their role, as was the Commission was in its decision.

This ping-pong game where a product is first authorized by an institution before being  rejected by another is actually a sign that those institutions work well. I wish every decision in the Union could follow this path which, I believe, is a textbook example to explain how European legislation are shaped up between the Commission and the Parliament.

3 Comments on “Thrombin, slice 2”

  1. […] The most relayed vote of the session was on the issue of Thrombin, first mentioned in this blog in February 2010, MEPs wish to ban the us of Thrombin or at list supervise it to make sur citizen get enough information. more here. […]

  2. […] And we are again in the situation we already seen earlier this year with the Thombin (read here, there, and sometime here) ; a situation I described as a perfect text-book example of the legislative […]

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