Week of May 22nd, 2010

Version Francaise

Here is a summary of what happened in Europe this week.

As usual since the last few weeks, let’s start with the economy :

Greece received the first part of the 110billions euros loaned last month. Germany banned (all by itself) short naked selling (financial operation betting on a title going down) in the middle of the week ; which sent the euro falling down. However, the end of the week saw the union currency getting back up, while European Finances ministers met in Brussels to agree on action to take to avoid any other such crisis – in particular, the possibility of new sanctions.

MEPs gathered this week in Brussels for a plenary sessions where they discussed on the euro crisis, organ donation, clothes labeling, …

The most relayed vote of the session was on the issue of Thrombin, first mentioned in this blog in February 2010, MEPs wish to ban the us of Thrombin or at list supervise it to make sur citizen get enough information. more here.

Finally, the new Great Britain Government says it won’t accept any new transfert of power to Brussels which is not a bug surprise.


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