Time lost, and more…

For the last couple of months of crisis I have heard a certain number of times that one of our problem was the failure to pass the European Constitution in 2005 and the delay in the ratification of the Lisbon treaty. All this time we waited to get our institutions on track with an improve way of functioning, has been lost and if we had time to get used to those, the response to the crisis would have been faster, better, …

That is probably true.

However, I think in 2005 we lost much more than just time. We definitely lost the opportunity to get a Constitution for Europe… That is not only a great deal of a treaty, but it’s is also a deep choice for a society.

To get a Constitution is the accomplishment for a society of a democratic aspiration.

Well, the importance of a Constitution, even if we are looking just at the emotional significance – which explains why some people opposed it so much – is such that by rejecting it, Europe has rejected the idea of a society, to let politics prevail.

That’s the bottom line: we don’t have a Constitution, we have treaties…


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