Week of June 26th

(Version Francaise)

Here is a summary of the European news last week:

Last Sunday, Polish were voting in early presidential elections. A second round will oppose on July 4th liberal B. Komorowski (ahead in the first round) and conservative J. Kaczynski. [*,*,*].

Belgium is getting ready to take the Union presidency. A presidency that is going, in its early times, to let a good role to the permanent Council President, Herman van Rompuy (who is incidentally Belgian) since Belgian government is getting put together after the recent legislative elections.[*,*,*] You can find informations on the Belgian Presidency on the official website and also on twitter: @BE_Presidency.

In the European Parliament, the 18 Lisbon MEPs are getting closer to full mandate and should get to vote by the end of the year, if the treaty modifications are ratified by then [*,*,*].

MEPs did vote on a declaration calling to save internet research, in order to fight pedophilia  [*] – Details and reaction here.

The International Whaling Commission was meeting this week in Agadir, with a plan to get whaling back under control – the negotiations didn’t get anywhere, but whaling could have been formally authorized again [*,*,*].

The European External Action Service (EEAS) will be working by the end of the year: Lady Ashton and the MEPs have found an agreement on the  service – a vote is expected in Parliament in July [*,*,*,*,*].

From the EEAS we are naturally stepping to external politics : at the beginning of the week, Belarus dramatically reduced the transit of Russian gas to Europe – following a debt issue with Moscow [*,*] , putting Europe back in the possibility of a Gas War [*,*]. The conflict lasted only a couple of days [*], but this episode reinforce the need of an energetic policy for Europe [*].

The G8 and G20 are meeting at the end of the week. The main topic will be economic boost and growth. Europe tries to defend the idea of financial reform and budget cuts  [*,*] ; but European countries is facing different point of view form, for example, the US, for who boost spending take precedence on deficit reduction [*,*,*]. Union leaders also want to promote the idea of a bank tax [*,*].

In the meantime, Europe economy stays hesitant – even if the ECB is reassuring  [*]  and some Countries like Germany are actually taking advantage of the fall of the euro [*]. Warnings over austerity measures are also given [*].

The feasibility and strength of the economic governance system previewed by the Union in response to the crisis are put into question[*,*,*].

Finally, in Greece, the social situation is still shaky: a bomb killed last week a collaborator of the minister of security [*] and Athens put islands and touristic sites for sale [*]


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