Scramble Scramble Scramble !

Let’s talk about eggs ! Yes, eggs… What the connections with Europe ? Well, as it turns out, the regulation on food labeling is not only a threat to Nutella but also to the eggs by the dozen.

As one can read in these articles : [1], [2], [3] and [4] ; Europe could «ban selling eggs by the dozen».

First, let me precise that a quick research on the Euro Parliament website didn’t lead to any text specific on the topics on eggs by the dozen… If you know of any, please, let me know.

Other than that, what I can see is just that the food labeling regulation specify that number is just not enough to indicate the quantity of a product… Obviously, it’s impossible – well, technically it is, but that would be messy – to sell egg by the kilogram (well, Tomatoes are sold by weight and nobody got a problem with that) . The natural unit to sell eggs is “one egg“, so I don’t think Europe would ever want to change that. Adding a line on the egg package saying “12 eggs, 534 milligrams” would be, I believe completely compliant with the regulation and maintain the tradition of selling eggs in full.

Really, all this story looks like a bit of an over reaction to me.

4 Comments on “Scramble Scramble Scramble !”

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  3. […] on the topic of food labeling rules[*] with a false rumor pretending that the new rules would  ban selling eggs by the dozen, that is of course not true and has been completely over covered by the British news in […]

  4. […] One can also notice that, even thought some of the presented myths come from France or Germany, most (like 90%) of the story originated on the other size of the channel ; not only from The Sun or The Daily Mail, … but some also from the BBC of the Guardian. It’s no too much of a surprise, let’s remember that a few months ago, rumors of the EU banning the selling of eggs by number has been spreading for about a week [*,*]. […]

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