Week of July 10th

(Version Francaise)

Here is a summary of the European news last week:

Last Sunday Polish people were voting for the second round of the early presidential elections. It’s Bronislaw Komorowski, previously holding the interim presidency, won with a very narrow margin [*,*,*]. This result is a good news for Europe as the new president is favorable to the Union. [*]. Poland will take over the EU presidency in a year.

Since we are talking about Presidents, the newly elected German president visited Strasbourg this Wednesday and meet with European Parliament J. Buzek; than went to Paris to meet N. Sarkozy and finally in Brussels Thursday to meet with H. von Rompuy et J.M. Barroso [*].

The Belgian presidency is launched and announces its ambitions to bring results[*,*], MEPs are so far confident in a successful presidency [*]. The absence of government to support the presidency lead the media to look closer the character of  Herman van Rompuy, the stable president of the European Council[*,*].

The European Parliament was seating in plenary session in Strasbourg this week; the subjects of debate were:

  • The declassification and publication of all the files regarding UFOs – A proposal by M. Borghezio, Italian MEP, who also call for the creation of a European center for the study of such phenomenons [*,*].
  • The closure of the European market to wood from illegal timber [*].
  • A ban on commercialization of cloned meat or food originating from cloned animals [*].
  • Restriction on traders and bankers bonuses [*,*,*]
  • Still on the topic of salary: A young MEP call for attention on the salary (or the lack of it) for interns [*]
  • The organization of the European External Action Service has been approved[*,*,*,*]
  • And the SWIFT agreement, in its new version has also been approved [*,*,*,*]

In the rest of the European news, let’s note the following:

  • The Union upadated its black list of air companies[*] and impose a ban on a part of the Iran Air fleet (not in connection with the sanctions imposed on the country)[*].
  • The European Space Agency studies the options for a rocket to take over the Arianne 5 launcher [*].
  • The budget for the experimental reactor ITER is a source of problems; the project needs more fund that expected – The member states don’t want to pay more to complete the budget and ask the commission to find the additional funds in another program [*,*].
  • The Gallileo program of satellite localization is also in need for extra cash [*].
  • The European waters are out of fishes. The fishing quota have been reached this year earlier than last year; which is a source of worry and reinforce the need for a sustainable fishing [*,*].
  • Still in the waters: Commissioner for Energy Oettinger ask for a stop on offshore deep water drilling, following the catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico[*]
  • In Italy, medias are worried by a new law that would limit the liberty of publication by the press in certain judiciaries cases. [*]

In the domain of external affairs, we can note those news :

  • The European Parliament approved the opening of the adhesion negotiations with Iceland [*].
  • And the Parliament also call for the member states to recognize Kosovo [*]
  • Five Foreign Ministers of Europe will visit Gaza – As Israel partially eases the blocus [*]

In the Economic domain, the Euro ended the week with a slight decrease, after jumping to $1.27 Thursday [*]. Europe is about to release the results of the banks  stress tests [*,*]. The economic crisis definitely had effects, not only on economical aspects : the Co2 emissions stabilized [*] and the food habits are transforming [*]. Different options to reform economy and finance in Europe are studied : treaty modifications[*], Eurobond emission[*] or European loan[*], or tax on financial transactions [*]. The European Commission is warning over the fragility of the retirement system and recommends an increase of the age of retirement [*,*,*].

In Greece, the parliament just approved a reform of the retirement system[*], the finance minister claims the reforms in effect so far did cut the budget deficit by 40%[*]. Greece is going to renew 1.25 billion Euro in short term bonds – a normal operation over the debt, says Athens, but one that will be closely watched by economists [*,*,*].

Finally, the football world cup final is played this Sunday in South Africa: the Netherlands plays Spain ; Germany did beat Uruguay for the third place.


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