Europe in Crisis or Union in the Building ?

Since I’ve been watching closely at Europe (I started at the time of the French Referendum on the Constitution in 2005) Europe seemed to have been in a crisis or another : Institutional crisis, political crisis, and now economical crisis…

Is nothing working here ?

It would seem that nothing is really working correctly in Europe. Leaders are dragging their feet to take important decisions. The economy is shaky, the euro losing its strength, our diplomatic weight is shrinking, …

It seems that the machine is gripped and each time a problem is solved, a new crisis is coming to stop the Europe to move along.

Or maybe, it’s just that we need to finish the building of our Union..

As I already pointed, all these crisis have a first good consequence: it makes the EU interesting ! But we have to wonder : it those hiccups a sign of crisis, or just sign that the European Union is not finished yet, that there is more to do, to build, to make this Union more efficient.

That point of view does not change the fact that things need to be done in order to make our Union works, but it shifts from a we-need-to-fix-it perspective to a we-need-to-improve-it one.

The Union is not dysfunctional, it’s just incomplete.

Let’s get a positive point of view, and instead of complaining of a dysfunctional Europe, let’s get positive and get to work to make a working Europe. Same objective, same obstacles to overcome, but a more enthusiastic process.


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