It’s a trap

It's A TrapThere is no way out, no way backward ! It’s a perfect trap and it is too late to escape it.

Yes, European Union can only go forward now.

Well, technically, Europe can go back on a good number of its decisions ; some people are even speaking about giving up the Euro…

But, and that is the strength of the European building, getting back, even just a few steps, will have dire consequences.

For example, if a country would quit the eurozone, ok, it might get back to its own currency with a total control on inflation and monetary politics, but that would be a bad sign for the reborn pre-euro currency – which would probably experienced a rising inflation – and for the rest of the eurozone – for who would want to invest in a money that cannot stay in one block.

And, beyond the economy, a European Union that falls apart will loose all its diplomatic influence…

That was the bet of the EU Founding Fathers, starting a Union, and laissez prendre: i.e. create a Union in the facts.

Some will call it a trap, but to others it is just the sign of the success of the Union : together we are stronger, apart we are close to nothing.

Sure, skeptics will call, particularly in time of crisis to a return to national sovereignty, call for the right of the people to decide by themselves – Well, you got a say in Europe: you vote for the leaders that are seating at the council table, you vote for the MEPs that directly represent you at the Parliament. But the chacun pour soit is not a solution, especially when things get bad, that’s when we need to stay together and be imaginative to overcome the difficulties.

This opinion is a reaction to NPR’s series on Europe’s Mid Life crisis and the revival of inward looking in the member states.


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