Know your classics

I have been quoting some classics of literature in the past: W. Shakespeare or J. Austen – and I also got some other quote from Homer by example up my sleeves… But  here, I am going to talk about a different kind of classics; those anyone interested  in the European affairs should read at least once, and even get a copy à portée de main.

The titles of these could-be bestseller : «Treaty on European Union», «Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union», «Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union» and the lost «Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe»

Ok, some of those are very big and hard to read… But go at list for the TEU (Treaty on European Union) which is relatively short (about 40 pages) and somehow easy to read.

So go ahead, download a copy in your favourite language, and get too know the EU more intimately.


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  1. Argh! That’s a tough one!

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