Is European Union really this complicated ?

Well, the honest answer is : yes, EU is f——ing complicated and anybody who will pretend the opposite is a liar.

But you need to ask two more question : Is this complexity normal ? and Does this prevent me (or anybody) to get a grip of what’s going on ?

The answers to these last questions are: Yes and No.

Yes, this level of complexity is, overall, normal giving the extent of the European project: try to get 27 countries with 23 languages (at least) to work together, act together on the international scene (or at least pretend try to), and create Union wide regulation, and you’ll always have to reach a certain level of complexity, compromises, … Some aspect of the EU bubble could certainly be simplified, a lot of transparency could be added, and a real team spirit would be very welcome, but ultimately, the EU institutions will always have this apparent over-complexity simply due to their uniqueness.

And No, this complexity does not prevent YOU from understanding what is going on in Brussels. For example, the Commission Midday Express is generally easy to read and understand. Other Memos and short documents – available in your favorite languages – are also clear and indicate the good number and statistics (which is not always the case in newspaper). So every citizen who wants to know what is going on can do so. Again, there are some improvement to be made, but it is far impossible to understand the general lines of the EU policies.

It certainly take some personal work and commitment, but despite its complexity, the Euro-world is not completely unintelligible.


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