Week of August 14th

(Version Française)

Here is a summary of the European news this week.

Started last week, the debate about the website Citzalia is continuing among bloggers (and others) some are skeptical, some are waiting to see the developments, …The debate revolve around the project budget and the interest of it[*,*]. you can now register to take part in the test phase [here].

The US will start on September 8th to charge $14.00 to register to the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA), a mandatory step to enter on the US territory without getting a visa beforehand for European Citizens. The registration to the ESTA was mandatory since January 2009 but free of charge so far. The European Commission will investigate to determine if the new measure are in fact a visa fee.[*,*]

In the Euro zone, the industrial production fell by 0.1% in June.[*,*]; the GDP in the eurozone and in the EU increased by 1% each [*]. The external trade is in surplus of 2.4 billion Euros in the eurozone and in deficit of 9.6bn€ in the Union[*]. The Greek economy shrunk by 1.5% in the second quarter[*]. The euro strongly fell this week down to $1.27 [*]

European Commissionner J. Lewandoski in charge of the budget suggested this week to create a European tax to finance the Union directly[*] (read my comments). Some members states are in favor of this measure [*], others are opposed to it [*]. Follow all on this topic and the reactions of euro bloggers on  BloggingPortal.eu.

Before closing this post, dear readers, let me inform you that next week, I’ll be in vacation. No weekly update then. To follow the EU news, go to  BloggingPortal.eu


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