365 days of tweeting

Yep, today is a special day as on August 20th, 2009, a new twitter account was created : @gh_eu.

365 days later, I posted more than 6300 tweets, am following about 150 accounts and am followed by just a bit less than 400 people. Not much by twitter standard, but those numbers are steadily and slowly growing. And really good since, since an Harvard study shows that less than 50% of those signing up on twitter quit within a month[*].

Unfortunately, my first tweet is too old to be found, but it was probably some low interest re-tweet of a newspaper time line (like the BBC or New York Times) regarding – of course – Europe.

Twitter has been for me a gateway to the European world. Not that I didn’t felt part of Europe before, but it gave me the possibility to interact and debate, much more than by just reading newspaper of listening to the radio. Twitter is not only a great place of interaction, but also houses a welcoming community and that’s a real plus.


2 Comments on “365 days of tweeting”

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