Week of August 28th, 2010

(Version Francaise)

After two weeks of vacations (for me), here are some elements of European news:

  • The Euro sharply fell during August, losing almost 5% since the beginning of the month , at $1.277
  • Europeans are mostly (about 75%) in favor of a stronger economic governance, according to a  Eurobarometer study realized in spring.
  • An other Eurobaometer study shows that European are losing confidence in the European Union[*]. Short of half of the European citizens think their country membership to the EU is a good thing.
  • The High Representative C. Ashton should be able to give a speech at the UN General Assembly[*]. The EU has a statute of observer there and do not have the right to speak under this statute ; which become a problem since the Lisbon Treaty created a High Representative for External Affairs.
  • The European Commissioner for economic and monetary affairs suggest to repeat the bank stress tests in a more frequent basis to boost the trust in the European bank institutions [*].
  • Finally, France is being criticized for its politic towards Romas [*,*,*]

The Union gets back from vacation next week with several meetings for European Commissioners. The Parliament has its come back in two weeks with a plenary session.


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