State of the Union: How to make it right

Yesterday, I commented on the State of the European Union by J.M. Barroso – saying basically: meh, that’s it ?

Now, it’s time for me to follow up on my critics with some constructive ideas.

How to make the state of the Union a true European event that give momentum and is addressed to the general public and not just the Euro-bubble ?

  • First, the time of the speech needs to be changed: the general public won’t look at a speech at 9 in the morning. The evening is better: let’s move the speech to 8 or 9pm.
  • Then, the State of the Union could be broadcast to all the european citizens via the public television network in all the member states
  • Let’s then bring all the European Union important guys: The council, the Commission, the president of the European Parliament groups, … so that citizen can put a face on all those institutions.
  • And finally, let’s have a text that is directed to the citizens !

Such a setup would really improve the connection between the public and Brussels (or Strasbourg in that case).Citizen will feel directly concerned and the European affairs will make their way into the public debate.


3 Comments on “State of the Union: How to make it right”

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