Week of Sept 17th: update

Like last week, my weekend is too busy to be completely devoted to the usual weekly review of European news in French and English. So, like last week, I’ll give you just a quick update.

  • The week has been dominated by the most crazy series of events between France and… well, the rest of the world. Choose your adjective between fun, hallucinating, ridiculous, crazy, … in any case, I already blogged about it, other bloggers did,  and newspaper did mention the episodes, so refer to it…
  • In Turkey (candidate for membership since 1987) just approve a new constitution [*]
  • The European economy is doing well apparently: the growth forecast for the Union has been raised to 1.8% (1.7% for the Eurozone), up form less than 1%. [*,*]
  • The Euro has been rising during the week too, from less than $1.28 up to about $1.31 [*,*]
  • The Commission is proposing a ban or at least strong restriction on short selling [*]
  • Meanwhile, two third of the French are not happy with the Euro [*] according to a poll in conducted in June.
  • The European Special Olympics are organized in Warsaw [*]
  • The population of wild boar in Europe is getting larger to a problematic extent [*]
  • Finally, some MEPs created a Spinelli Group to promote a true European method and a federalist view [*,*]

And don’t forget this weekend are organized the European Heritage Days.

More posts and news after the weekend.


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