Where the myths are born

The European Commission website contains a page listing Myths and rumours about the EU. Go ahead, read it: it’s hilarious.

There you can learn that Europe tried to ban noise in bars and DIY , force pigs breeder to give toys to the animals, change the definition of an island, and the euro coins can make your sick…

This list is just a fantastic example of how, when it comes to critics against European Union, nothing is too big

One can also notice that, even thought some of the presented myths come from France or Germany, most (like 90%) of the story originated on the other size of the channel ; not only from The Sun or The Daily Mail, … but some also from the BBC of the Guardian. It’s no too much of a surprise, let’s remember that a few months ago, rumors of the EU banning the selling of eggs by number has been spreading for about a week [*,*].

Anyway, we can forgive the (some) brits for the great laugh they give us.


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