Tweet Your MEP: first peek

(Version Francaise)

The Website Toute l’ is launching, on Sept. 22nd, a new communication tool between Citizen and MEPs: TweetYourMEP (TyMEP for short).

I had the opportunity to try this tool a little early, and I give you my dissection.

First, the website :

The general layout of the site is plain, efficient, easy. We see several sections, visually separated by color frames.

You can search for MEPs following different criteria: by country, or by theme.

Once your selection made, you go to the list of mathcing MEPs (at least those that have a twitter account). Your choice on who to talk to. The last tweets from or to those MEPs are also displayed and, on the top of that, you can choose an automatic translation in the language of your choice.

TyMEP is a too interacting with twitter, it is therefore highly recommended to have or create  such an account. Moreover, your actions on TyMEP are  propagated to your twitter account.

A small hick-up: Jerzy Buzek, president of the European Parliament couldn’t be found.

To summarize my short experience on TweetYourMEP, I have to admit I can think to a few situation when I’ll rush to TyMEP to get more info – and ask for it if necessary.

And now, a few thoughts:

A certain number of twitting MEPs are known – but they don’t all tweet regularly, and I’m still far away from having 736MEPs in my time-line.

It is an evidence that TyMEP will be a success if the MEPs play the twitter game: hashtags(but not too much), RT, replies, maybe even live-tweet,… in a word (or 3): reactivity, interactivity and dialog.

It is true that TyMEP will be mostly used by Euro-bloggers to interact with MEPs and ask them questions, also by specialized journalist that will find in it a new source of informations (and with a bit of luck by general journalists too) ; but the ultimate test will be the citizen.

To conclude, TyMEP will be a great, practical tool, useful to the members of the euro-webo-sphere; and hopefully, will extend this bubble in two differents ways: for the citizen, and for the MEPs, who are invited to be more active in the web world.

The hashtag to remember: #tymep


3 Comments on “Tweet Your MEP: first peek”

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  2. Are your TweetYourMEP Application is out of order now?

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