TYMEP: First Contact

Tweet Your MEP went live today. I had a first technical experience yesterday (yes, I’m a privileged user) but the real stuff happened this afternoon.

Mostly good response to this new website, but two improvement are to be considered :

  • More selection: some users ask for more selection criteria like political group and region from country. I do believe the first half of this demand makes sense and would be relatively easy to implement.
  • Spam: Sign of success, the #tymep hashtag has been overloading some time lines with ten to twenty times the same question addressed each time to a different MEP. This is going to be a problem I think. Toute l’Europe.eu has to find a way to ease the twitting to multiple MEP otherwise people, citizen or MEPs might try to get away from TyMEP as much as possible.

Other than that, I still believe this site will be a great tool to get some information on the EU, and directly interact with the MEPs.


4 Comments on “TYMEP: First Contact”

  1. I am actually more sceptical about this website. While the idea is good it might just not be practical. A normal citizen will not likely arrive on the TYMEP website. And those that are already on Twitter might find it much more easy to just send a direct tweet to an MEP. I fear that there is not much space between the two use-cases and therefore the sites traffic will be somehow limited.

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  3. Sarah says:

    j’ai trouvé le site joli et pratique. Sur deux questions, j’ai un député européen qui m’a répondu.. Preuve que l’espace public européen est en train de se développer!

  4. Fabien says:

    @brusselsblogger : if this site didn’t exist, the citizen would have to find alone the MEP on twitter directly…

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