Week of October 16th

(Version Francaise)

HEre is a summary fo the EU news this week:

On the economy, the industrial production in Europe did grow by about 1% between July and August [*], the trade deficit did grow slightly too [*]. The annual inflation in the eurozone is estimated to 1.8% and 2.2% in the EU, this are healthy numbers but only in average: in the member statem the inflation rate goes from -1% (Ireland) to 7.7% (Romania) – the maximum in the eurozone: 5.7% (Greece). [*]. The euro started the week down, then went back on a turbulent up, ending Friday just below its Monday level at $1.397 [*].

The (hard) negotiations on the EU budget for 2011 will start soon in this context [*]; the question of a European tax being more and more important and discussed.[*]

Germany and Portugal have been elected this week for a seat at the UN security council [*]. Germany wishes to use this position to push for reform on the security council, especially regarding permanent seats [*].

The European Commission wants to tighten the rules for offshore drilling – but reject the idea of a general moratorium, authorizing the member state to choose a national volunteer moratorium [*,*].

The European Union will go beyond it’s engagement for reduction of polluting emissions in 2012; most of the remaining emissions coming from the transports [*].

The  Commission gave its agreement to France for the “young/music” card that the French government wants to create to encourage young people to buy music online and fight against internet copy. This card is a form of subsidies to music distributors and as such has to been examined and validated by the Commission to ensure it’s not distorting a fair competition [*,*].

France did send Friday evening – at the last minute before deadline – its answer to the Commission on the Romas issue. This answer will be studied during the weekend and Commissioner V. Reding will announce the conclusions and the following action if any at the beginning of next week. [*,*]

Next week, the European Parliament will seat in plenary session in Strasbourg. [*]


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