EU disenchantment and US elections

I am not a big fan of quick shortcuts between the EU and the US; yes, there are some similarities, but also a lot of differences (I am actually thinking about a series of post on this). But in the light of the recent news a common trend is appearing:

  • In the US, the current election season shows an increasingly strong anti-Washington opinion; that is a rejection of the Federal government as the political level where the problems can or should be solved.
  • In the European Union, the euro skeptic point of view is getting stronger too [more on this here].

US and EU are following different path, but they have in common to face an economic slow down and the end of a crisis that still affects their societies.

It’s hard to draw conclusion out of that, but this simple observation of two different entities experiencing similar public doubt in their Union is worth noticing.


One Comment on “EU disenchantment and US elections”

  1. Simon Blackley says:

    Greg, could you include a comparison of the size of the Commission (32,140 it says here with that of the US Federal government. It will take some work to ensure a like-for-like comparison.

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