Last week…

… I was in Santa Fe, NM for a physics conference. What does that has to do on a euro-blog ? Not much – but a little bit. As some of the readers might know, the euro-blogo-sphere has been moving (a little) lately; particularly in France where the blog 27etc. has been launch, in conjunction with euro-apéros.

An engaged euro-blogger can not see that the euro-web is getting better when bloggers are getting together ; seeing a conference made me think: Could we do something like that for the Eurobloggers ?

The model of the DNP conference (the one where I was last week) is quite appealing to me. Let me describe it:

  • The conference is held over about three days, with thematic parallel sessions
  • Some speakers are invited while other submit their contributions
  • There is a lot of coffee.

And on the side of course, there are a lot of opportunities for people to meet each other and discuss.

If nuclear physics can gather over 700 physicists, I bet EU can get quite a lot of bloggers together.


2 Comments on “Last week…”

  1. Ron says:

    Well, let’s start with the conference in London in December and see how it works.

    And then, it wouldn’t be a problem getting people together in principle, but who would organise and fund the thing?

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