[US Institutions] State Governors

Next up in the series of US institutions, the state Governors.

Who are they ?

Let us remind that although it is a country, the USA are united states, in consequence, each state gets a lot of responsibilities in its legislation and budget. The Chief of the executive branch in the states are the Governors.

The Governors are elected by the citizens for terms going from two-years term (only in NH and VT) 4 years (for most of the states), the majority of them face a number of terms limit. With the governors are elected (in most of the states), A lieutenant-governor; sometimes both are on the same tickets, but not everywhere. The lieutenant-governors are basically deputy governors.

What are they doing ?

Governors have a great deal of power compared to their reputation outside their State – because honestly, apart from A. Schwarzenegger in CA, do you know any other Governor in the US ?. They are almost little presidents with power over budget, legislature, nominations, … at the state level.

In Europe ?

In Europe, the head of member states are very close in their functions to the Governors, although governors don’t have to worry about federal programs (like defense, international relations, social security, currency, …).

Some thing that exists in the EU and not in the US is the council : there is no institution in the US where all the governors are seating.


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