Euro bear, the nice european Carebear

(Not only French speaking should enjoy my views on the stuff-animal way Europe is doing)

The readers of this blog that are also courageously among my followers on twitter, discovered recently a new avatar picture on my profile. For the others, I give it to you right here.

It is, obviously, a Care bear who I named Euro Bear (euronours in French, that is so cute). I am not particularly fan of those bears, but I got to this trick while thinking that European Union lives a bit in a Care Bear world, and that is not a compliment.

Whether it is on the diplomatic, economic, environmental, … topics, the Union – in particular the Commission and the Council – have a  Don-t-worry-it-s-going-to-be-OK-we-are-all-friend attitude that is close to ridicule.

Sure, Care Bears are nice, but in real life, when talking to financial markets that doubts over the euro, to Iran that is continuing its Uranium enrichment, facing the climate change challenges, … Euronours won’t survive.



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