Does anybody fully support the Hungarian media law ?

With Hungary taking over the rotating presidency of the European Council for the first part of 2011 (Happy New Year), the recently voted media law in the same country received some publicity.

This law puts all media (TV, radio, newspaper, blogs, …) under the control of a very powerful authority which ensures that those medias are neutral. The Authority members are in favor of the current ruling party in parliament.

Many people criticized the law as a menace to the freedom and Independence of the press. Some people have been a little more easy with the Hungarian law, arguing that, if it looks bad on the paper, it could be implemented in a fair way.

Surely, the Hungarian government, who benefits directly from this law support it. But apart from them ? Who is fully supporting this law ?

If you know of any party / politic / … (outside the Hungarian majority of course) that support the law and present arguments in favor – even who wants to get a similar one in his own country – , please, let me know, I’m curious to get their point of view.


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