Severe weather advisory

Severe weather, like heavy snowfall in winter or extreme temperature in summer, are creating chaos on roads and in airports (the snowfall that is) or kill the crops in the fields (summer drought).

All those climatic episodes that are not usual, are likely to be more and more regular. Why ? Because the Earth has its own regulating system that is call climate or weather pattern. Rain, snow, tornadoes, or the absence thereof, are the way the atmosphere restores the balance between the amount of energy getting in and the amount getting out. And what is called global warming is getting in much than it used to be; therefore the atmosphere must get it out more than it used to.

In catastrophe movies, global warming manifests itself by making the weather go crazy. In real life, it will be a bit more subtle : climatic episodes will become more violent to dissipate the excess of energy in the atmosphere.

The airport chaos a few days around Christmas in 2010 is likely to happen more and more… As a reminder a similar episodes happened in 2009 in the US.

The effect of global warming are nearly impossible to predict and one can only propose wild suppositions. But one thing is sure: it is happening. It is very simple to convince oneself that human activity has an impact on the atmosphere and only idiots will deny it.


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