What about the EU in the SOTU speech by the POTUS ?

First, I want to apologize for the lack of originality of my post title.

Yesterday, the President Of The United States (of America) presented his State Of The Union address to the Congress. As I am currently living in the US who heard throughout the media for the past weeks how much this would be an important speech , I could not not watch it ; and as a Euro-blogger, I could not not look for references to the old continent.

The SOTU surpassed my expectation with TWO mention of Europe. The first about our rail and road infrastructures, the second as a NATO ally.

Those two mentions have to be compared to China (4 mentions), India of Chile  (3 mentions both) or  South Korea (6 mentions). We (Europe) are on the same level as Russia (2 mentions also) and just before Brazil (1 mention).

The content of the speech is mostly American politics so there is not much to point from a European point of view… Once one noticed that Europe is, as far as the US are concerned, out of the game, we are just a military partner from an old treaty.

Let’s just notice the Energy goals stated by B Obama: 80% of the US power from clean energy by 2035. Hard to say if this will become reality, but that’s a courageous goal.

Also, President Obama clearly supported the popular uprising in Tunisia.

The text of the speech can be found here.


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