Week of January 29th

(Version Francaise)

Here is a summary of the European Union news in the past days.

To follow-up on last week: Portuguese voted to re-conduct C. Silva (Social democrat) at the country presidency [*]. In Ireland, following the resignation fo PM B Cowen as head of the Fianna Fail party (but not from the premiership), the governing coalition is weakening. The government wants to have the finance bill voted before the next elections [*,*,*].

The week started in an unusual calm in Brussels : the phone lines of the EU institutions were silent due to a technical problem [*,*,*].

The Hungarian law on medias has been investigated by the European Commission and it is not satisfied and ask for changes [*,*,*].

The European patent project is moving forward [*]. And Croatia might be able to join the EU in 2013 [*]

For the matters of finances, the European Fund of Financial Stability emitted its first obligations this week and met a huge success, with a demande widely exceeding the offer. This put the fear of a euro crisis at rest for some time [*,*,*,*]. N. Sarkozy defended the euro at the World Economic Forum in Davos [*], Spain is considering changing its retirement age at 67 [*]. The euro steadily grew this week, up to $1.375 on Friday, then falling with the rest of the work market, down to $1.36 at the close of the week  [*].

Popular protests in Egypt are cautiously observed by the Union [*]


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