Week of Feb 5th

(English Version)

Here is a review of the european news during the last days.

Let’s start with miscellaneous news : an arm robbery happened (again) this week, in a post office located in the European Parliament building in Brussels [*]. Hungary wants to talk with the Commission to clarify its recent law on medias [*,*]. The European Carbon market partially reopened this Friday – it was closed for the past two weeks after evidences of fraud [*]. The early legislative elections in Ireland will take place on Feb 25th[*] and in Belgium, the political crisis continues (as usual) [*]. Romania could join the Schengen space before Bulgaria [*]. And air passengers data will be transmitted and analyzed to the Union to fight terrorism and drug smuggling [*].

The European Union is calling for a peaceful transition in Egypt following the public protests. The EU message is however blurry and soft, member states preferring to play by themselves. [*,*,*]

The European Parliament was in mini plenary session in Brussels at the end of the week. The topics to be discussed were of secondary importance. We should highlight a resolution on Tunisia and a stepf forward to end the banana war [*].

The Europeans leaders were meeting in summit for the Council. Initially the meeting was to focus on energy and innovation but  diplomatic and economic issues took over [*,*]

At the economic level, the eurozone unemployment is stable (around 10%) and the inflation is increasing a little [*,*]. Spain is reassured [*], but Ireland has its debt rating downgraded again [*]. The ECB keeps its main interest rate at the same level: 1%, for the 22dn months in a row [*]. Paris and Berlin are calling for more economic convergence [*]. The euro went up to $1.385 at mid-week, but quickly fell back down just below $1.35 on Friday  [*]


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