If multiculturalism is dead, what’s the point of the EU ?

(Version Francaise)

A. Merkel, D. Cameron and now N. Sarkozy agree, in a beautiful example of standardized thoughts, to tell us that multiculturalism is over, that’s not working, it fails…

To the 27 EU member states: it is impossible to live together if our cultures are different. “But – will you say – I thought that was exactly the aim of the European Union…” That is what I thought too, but, according to the Chancellor – Prime Minister – President, which put itself, by loud and provocative statements, as a triumvirat at the head of the Union, the multiculturalism has failed.

The acute observer will note that when those three talk about multiculturalism, they actually speak about immigration, mostly from the Maghreb and Middle-East. The American culture is still welcome in France – and also rich dictators.

To oppose «integration» and «multiculturalism» is not only unfair, it is twisting the vocabulary. Because the first does not prevent the other, on the contrary, I am sure that integration would be much easier if the multiculturalism was accepted and embraced and not demonized. Moreover, multiculturalism is not something that fails or not, it is not an adventure one would tempt, neither a trick one would use; it is a fact, a state of things: a society is multicultural or not, by the simple consequence of the citizens that form it.

Faithful to himself, N. Sarkozy rides proudly the concept of clash of civilizations at the exact moment when protesters in Tunisia and Egypt (and in a lesser extent in other countries of the Arab world) gives us the proof that those people, however different their culture, have the same aspirations as Europeans : peace, freedom, justice, democracy, …  (See The treaty of the EU Art. 2 & 3, and go review the Declaration of Human Rights). It seems the problem is not the culture of other people, but those others themselves, particularly if they come in our country because they admire our culture (apparently the only one that’s worth it according to some). Dear visitors aspiring to a better life in the country that marks «Liberty, Equality, Fraternity» on its official buildings, be ready to give up your culture heritage, or stay where you are.

As a citizen who, contrary to its emperor president (who married an Italian by the way), think multiculturalism is enriching, I am terrified that three of the most vocal voices at the European Council think that we are better of each by ourselves… If really it is the case, the European Union (whose motto is “United in diversity“) is just and empty shell.

Ms Merkel, Mrs Cameron and Sarkozy: Shame on you  !


4 Comments on “If multiculturalism is dead, what’s the point of the EU ?”

  1. Adam de Witt says:

    It is logical that the term multiculturalism is twisted in its use because it has really been used to hide the real agenda of multiracialism. Europeans are one race with many cultural expressions, thus, an EU can work as all these are European-Christian expressions. However, it is always been trust upon the Europeans to seek their extinction whereas the same ‘mob’ that insists on this want Europeans out of Africa and Asia calling them alien and non-indigenous, thus it is ok to cry Africa for Africans but not Europe for Europeans. It is THAT double minded stance that is racist as it masks a hatred of all that is European. Those Europeans that cry this are xenomaniacs and self-haters and anti-Christ.

  2. […] N. Sarkozy emboite le pas sur A. Merkel et D. Cameron pour enterrer le multiculturalisme [*] […]

  3. […] N. Sarkozy is following A. Merkel and D. Cameron to declare that multiculturalism is over [*] […]

  4. Bigg Boss says:

    Multiculturalism is a cancerous disease, it’s used as a political tool to weaken nations within.
    Canada, in the 70’s, was the first nation to put it into practice.
    Multiculturalism is not a natural way, it is a political way, used as a weapon.

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