EU Weekly is changing

If you are a regular visitor of the blog – as I encourage you to be – you might have noticed a few changes in the last days. You are right. After more than a year of blogging, “EU Weekly” is getting a make over.

  • The visual appearance of the blog has changed – I hope the new theme pleases the visitors.
  • The side-pages has been updated.
  • EU Weekly goes .eu with a fresh domain name:, that’s a lot of eu‘s).
  • And last, but not least, the weekly updates of the European news are now a thing of the past. Those take a lot of time and as much as I enjoyed writing them I don’t have the opportunity anymore. I prefer to focus on other types of posts and collaboration with the rest of the euro-blogo-sphere.

You are invited to continue enjoying the blog and interact with the author.


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