Do you know euro-speak ?

PAC, pillars, subsidiarity, ... Those words have only a vague and obscure meaning for most of the citizens; but they are scattered around every European related talk and are often confusing. This Eurocrates newspeak” is – for some – a sign of the distance between Brussels and citizens, the technical words preventing non-experts to understand.

Let’s not lie to ourselves : indeed, Europe has its technical terms, as does car mechanic (do you know what a ‘carburetor’ looks like ?) of computer technology (a GPU, what’s that ?). The euro-jargon is not specifically designed to lose us, but just a consequence of the real complexity of the politic in the Union.

However, no reason to panic. Europe, in a great pedagogical move, published a small Euro-jargon guide, it is surely not complete, but very instructive.


2 Comments on “Do you know euro-speak ?”

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  2. spanishwalker says:

    Very nice topic! As you said maybe the guide is not complete, but my opinion is that it is way better than other guides in books than in theory explain the machinery of the EU….and not very cheap precisely….

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