May 9th: celebration and introspection

Europe Day is before all, as I said, an opportunity to celebrate.

But is all a good time to look at the state of the European project and ask the hard question: Where are we and where are we going in term of European construction ?

The fact is: May 9th is Europe Day is unknown by most of the citizen – If only it was a vacation-day. Even the British Government might not fly the European flag on 10 Downing street on this 5/9 (one can actually wonder why the flag is not continuously on anyway).

Between the doubts of the euro, the push of euro-skeptics, the reconsideration of EU fundamentals like Schengen by governments, … The European Union is being un-done bit by bit in front of us, without a chance for the pro-Europe message to be heard. Too discreet, too complex, too optimistic, too general, too rational,… may be opinions to catch the eye. The crude and emotional arguments of the anti-EU are easier to believe.

And yet, let’s not be mistaken: without Europe, no salvation, only an always closer Union can give our countries an influence that’s is already diminishing.

In this May 9th, the words of R Schumann are still true. If Europe can not be made in one shot, its construction is based on solidarity, and that something we are terribly missing today.


3 Comments on “May 9th: celebration and introspection”

  1. Sue says:

    The flag is not continuously on 10 Downing Street because the Prime Minister is not stupid. He knows that 75% of the British People want to leave the EU.

    We don’t want to be European Citizens. We are and always will be BRITISH!

    We were never given a vote on whether we joined this dictatorship and if we had a referendum now, we would most certainly vote OUT!

    • Greg Henning says:

      I am not sure people in Belarus or Syria will agree with you on saying the EU is a dictatorship.

      In fact, D. Cameron gets its way most of the time at the European Council, and the UK did received about 11 billions euros from European programs last year. Maybe it’s worth having the European flag up just for one day…

  2. Laurent of New Hampshire says:

    Of course WE are Europeans. And today is a day of celebration. My father fought with the Free French Forces to end nationalistic feelings across the continent. Of course it is possible to have multiple identities and be proud of each of them. There’s a lot to say about being British and European, the same way you can claim to be English or Welsh or Scottish AND British. I am a Norman by birth, French by history and education, and European by choice. And I really appreciate all that is being done to help us live the amazing motto: “United in diversity”. Thanks.

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