2012 Budget: resources

(Version Francaise)

Mandatory stop in our discory of the European Union budget:  the resources feeding the budget.

Miscellaneous resources

The miscellaneous resources are the ones that arrive directly into the Union wallet. It corresponds to only a small part of the EU resources (less than 1% in 2011). There are divided in two major parts:

    • The fines to companies, for example for violating competition rules.
    • The surplus, when possible, of the previous year.

The revenues collected by member states for the EU

Some resources are marked for the EU but collected by the member states who send the money to the Union.

Member states contribution

The remaining 75% (and 95 billions in 2011) are the member state contribution. It is calculated as a fixed rate over the national wealth. This rate cannot be larger than 1.23% and is adjusted every year in order to balance resources and spending in the budget. As a consequence, the European budget is drafted without any deficit or surplus – though in the facts, unforeseen spending can be necessary, in that case, the next year budget will correct this unbalance


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