2012 Budget: resources evolution

We cannot look at the expenses evolution of the European Union without turning our eyes to the evolution of the member states contribution to the budget.

Let’s be clear: the following graphs are reporting the net contribution from member states, after taking into account all the rebates, and accounts for the total sum paid by member states (including e.g. the VAT collected for the UE). This being said, now, the plots.

Total net contribution since 2007 (in millions of euros)
Net contribution by member states as percentage of the total. Note the logarithmic scale.
Breakdown of contribution by member states for 2007 (outer circle) and 2011 (inner circle).

The contribution of member states are relatively stables as a percentage of the total. The absolute values of variations vary by 5 to 10% (with a standard deviation of 15 to 25 percentage points) from one year to another. The total contribution varies only slightly except from 2009 to 2010 with about 10% increase – but this matches an increase in payments.


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