Europe: nothing to laugh about

The European Union is raising a large choice of feelings: disappointment, enthusiasm. hope, skepticism, opposition, rejection, indifference, … But one is missing form this list: entertainment. That’s the sad reality, Europe is not fun.

It is true that jokes involving characters from different European countries exist. But it is mostly about making fun of citizen of a given member state in respect to another. It might be funny, but it does not contribute to gather all European citizens laughing at around a common thing.

French people have les Guignols de l’info, Belgians have TV Belgiek, I am sure other member states TV have equivalent. But on the other side of the Atlantic, shows like The Daily Show are covering with humor the federal or local news altogether.

There are some moments when one can laugh at the EU: when we try to understand the jargon, or in general when the news suggest funny parodies and caricature on the excellent Brussels Jungle. But that is reserved to experts, to those who know the European institutions enough.

And yet, the EU is the scene of many surrealist situations. As a reminder, connoisseurs had a good laugh last summer when the French government tried to justify its expulsion policy of the Roma minorities by calling on the European Treaties ; but again, those smile were reserved to a small number.

It will be a big leap forward in European citizenship when all the EU citizens will laugh together at the Commission (or the Council, or the parliament).


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