2012 Budget: EP vs. EUCo

In the upcoming battle on the 2012 EU Budget, the European Parliament just put its cards on the table. We remember that in April, the Commission presented its propositionsa 5% increase of the budget in respect to last year, but with a freeze in administrative expenses, the bulk of increase comes from expenses for growth and citizenship, justice, …

As soon as the draft budget was announced, member states, in particular FranceUnited Kingdom and the Netherlands let know their position: “No way!”[*,*]. Germany also sad it won’t give more money that it already does. Moreover, at the October 2010 council, the position of some member states, led by British PM D. Cameron, was clear: they want a freeze of EU budget up to the year 2020, i.e. for the length of the next multi-annual framework.

But MEPs don’t agree with that and made it clear: in an heavily supported resolution during the June parliamentary session are claiming that European projects –in particular the EU2020 strategy – won’t be possible without an increase of the EU means. They approve the 5% increase in the 2012 budget and reject the budget freeze for the next multi-annual framework. [*,*,*,*]

The Parliament resolution is going even further than the issue of the 2012 budget, but call for an increase of the part of proper resources for the Union. Which, let’s remind it, will reduced from the same amount the contribution of member states, following what we told in a previous post. The rebates granted to some member states are also questioned.

It is therefore a clear opposition to member states, in disagreement with the position shown by the council. The Council will make its position known on the 2012 budget at the end of July, the Parliament will present its formal response in October. The battle just begun.


3 Comments on “2012 Budget: EP vs. EUCo”

  1. […] restored the budget proposed at the beginning of the year by the Commission and which was rather cut by the Council. The proposed budget increases by about 5% compare to last […]

  2. […] globalement restoré le budget proposé au début de l’année par la Commissions et que  le Conseil avait coupé. Le budget proposé augmente d’environ 5% par rapport à l’année […]

  3. […] The European parliament vote on the 2012 budget is coming up, the Parliament committee in charge of budget changed the Council proposition heavily, to restore the increase put froward by the Commission. […]

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