2012 Budget: the parliament stands on its position

Before summer, the Parliament stands on its position on the issue of the European budget for the next years: no freeze on the budget, and even, increase of it. Not growing the budget will make necessary to stop some programs.

During the late June plenary sessions, MEPs voted on a report setting the mandates for the trilog negotiations (Commission, Council, Parliament). Approved by 379 votes against 128 (75% of expressed votes, 63 % of MEPs in favor),  the EP resolution follows the recommendations from the Commission, in particular, an increase of 4.9% for the year 2012.

The council was meeting in summit at the same time, but was silent on the budget topic, busy as it was at stabilizing the eurozone by all means except those involving a greater European integration, apart from a short episode involving the Europe building project, where the summit will be held in several months.


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